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From Sunlight to savings

Looking for reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions for your home or business? Look no further than Solara Energy, the South Florida-based provider with custom-tailored installations and advanced energy storage systems to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

Why Solara

Choose Solara Energy for sustainable, cost-saving home power. Our custom solar solutions maximize savings and sustainability. Swift installations, significant bill reductions, and a greener planet—that’s the Solara promise. Experience sunlight turned into savings with us.

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed

With Solara Energy, you’re guaranteed the best installation prices in the market – we won’t be outdone! As a larger operation, we pass our savings onto you. Find out how much you could save – call us today at (754) 272-5472.

No Money Out Of Pocket

Switch to solar with zero upfront cost. Be it through financing or programs like HERO, we make transitioning to solar financially comfortable for you.


Top-Notch Panels and Warranty

We trust only the most advanced solar technology for our customers. Our panels, including SolarEdge and Canadian Solar, deliver maximum efficiency. Our robust warranty assures peace of mind

30% Federal Tax Credit

Leverage the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit for significant savings. Certain counties even offer additional rebates and tax credits.

Fast and Efficient Installation

Our team ensures swift and efficient installations to minimize disruption and ensure customers can start benefiting from their solar systems as soon as possible.

Personalized Solar Setups, Just for You

Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, Solara Energy takes the time to understand each client’s specific energy needs and property specifications. We then design and install a solar energy system that is uniquely optimized for them.